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Updated on September 8, 2019 We have moved to Digital Mind Systems Inc.
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What's new in this version?
Version 3.5 release 36
Version 3.5 release 11
Version 3.4 release 87
Version 3.4 release 20
Version 3.4 release 19
Version 3.4 release 2
Version 3.3 release 6
Version 3.3 release 5
Version 3.3 release 3
Version 3.3 release 2
Version 3.3
Version 3.5 release 36
    • fixed the startup "OLE registry" bug;
Version 3.5 release 11
    • removed the obsolete interfaces;
    • fixed bugs with Windows 10 stability;
Version 3.4 release 87
    • fixed the bug with long data buffers sending/receiving;
    • fixed some bugs with Windows 7 compatibility;
    • added the "Handle the ISO 7816-4 Case 4 commands" feature which allows to send the Get Response command automatically on each the "61xx" or "9Fxx" SW code received;
Version 3.4 release 20

A few minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.4 release 19

In the release 19 we have fixed all known bugs, as follows:

    • fixed some interface bugs including the menus redrawing slowdown;
    • fixed some bugs with Windows 7 / Vista compatibility;
    • fixed some internal memory management bugs to increase stability;

Version 3.4 release 2

There are some main differences of the Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.4.2 from previous ones below:

  • the program supports now any removable PC/SC devices like the USB tokens e.t.c.;
  • the following bugs has been patched:
    • fixed the T1 APDU sending bug: all previous versions sends the APDU bytes in the following order: Cla+Ins+P1+P2+P3(Lc)+Le+DataIn, but according to ISO-7816 the Le must be sent after DataIn buffer; so the new version sends the APDUs as following: Cla+Ins_P1+P2+P3(Lc)+DataIn+Le;
    • fixed the DataOut ASCII symbols decoding bug
    • fixed the APDU batch files working bugs
    • fixed some internal bugs; the program works more stable now;

Version 3.3 release 6

Fixed the bug of long data buffers sending.

From now the program sends and receives long data buffers correctly.

Version 3.3 release 5

Fixed some bugs in the ActiveX control of the program.

Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.3 from the release 5 allows you to use its ActiveX control in the your Visual Basic applications.

Version 3.3 release 3

The previous releases of the Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.3 may lose some events for some types of card readers. In the release 3 this bug is already fixed.

Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.3 from the release 3 always detects and processes all card readers' events correctly for any types of PC/SC compatible devices.

We recommend you download and re-install the release 3 of the Smart Card ToolSet PRO if you have troubles with detecting cards into your device by the previous program's releases.

Version 3.3 release 2

This release contains the following updates:

  • some small programm's bugs was fixed;
  • the plug-ins interface specification "Card Explorer Extensions Plug-Ins Interface Specification" included into a sutup pack;
  • the program's help system was updated;

Version 3.3

The new version v3.3 of Smart Card ToolSet PRO is really new because the program has been fully recreated.

There are some main differences from the previous version:

  • the program saves many interface parameters on its exit; these parameters are restored for the next program start;
  • the new Connection Monitor is more informative, interactive and powerful;
  • the new program tool was added: Card Explorer Extensions Plug-Ins interface;
  • the program supports an invisible start mode;

The new version is more powerful, more stable and the new user interface of the program is much more friendly.


Smart Card ToolSet
v3.5 PRO
(release 36)

Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!

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SCardX Easy v2.0
Smart Cards ActiveX

Add smart cards to your web site or to your applications easy!

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