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Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.5

Using Smart Card ToolSet PRO you can explore any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy. It is the lowest level of work with a smart cards from any PC.

It's a professional version which makes your daily smart cards work easy and comfortable.

Version v3.5 features:

  • the software supports all types of ISO-7816 compatible processor cards (smart cards) except the memory cards;
  • the software supports any of PC/SC compatible smart card readers;
  • the software supports removable devices like USB tokens e.t.c.;
  • you can send into opened cards any command APDUs and to receive the cards responses;
  • you can see all states changes of all your PC/SC smart card readers;
  • you can control the reader reopen modes;
  • you can receive the tecnical information about opened cards or card readers;
  • you can scan any smart card using the APDU Scanner;
  • the software supports COS Commands templates;
  • the software supports SW1SW2 Codes templates;
  • the software supports APDU Batch files;
  • the software supports the Plug-Ins Interface;
  • the software supports Card Types;

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Smart Card ToolSet PRO Antivirus Report

What kind of smart cards and the card readers are supported by the Smart Card ToolSet PRO?

Smart Card ToolSet PRO is based on the MS Smart Card Service which implements the PC/SC Specifications 1.0.

It means that you can successfully use any of PC/SC compatible devices like the card readers, USB tokens e.t.c., and you may work with any of ISO-7816 compatible smart cards like the GSM SIM cards, EMV payment cards, identity and cryptographic cards and all other types of processor cards except memory cards.

The memory cards are not supported by the Smart Card ToolSet PRO because the PC/SC Specifications 1.0 does not support the memory cards yet. Please read more about the memory cards support on the PC/SC Workgroup F.A.Q.'s page.

Looking for OEM partners

You may resale our software Smart Card ToolSet PRO under your labels as our OEM partner unlimited.

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The main software tools are the Connection Monitor and Card Explorer's windows.

These tools allows you to control all smart card service's events and to work with opened smart cards.

Connection Monitor

This tool already known to our users as "PC/SC Monitor". It was fully recreated and renamed.

After each readers state changed monitor automatically decodes the state values and displays its.

Many additional information about the service connection, devices, smart cards and preferences and many useful functionality was added into the Connection Monitor tool.


Card Explorer Extensions Plug-Ins

The Plug-Ins are the standard Dynamic Linked Libraries ( DLLs ) which allows you to expand the base functionality of the Card Explorer.

Anybody who has some experience in programming can create its own Plug-In and to use it in the his work.


Card Explorer

The Card Explorer is a useful tool for working with smart cards.

You can open one window per each your card reader.


APDU Scanner

APDU Scanner is a single window.

It is intended for sending into a card of APDU series and automatic analysis of card answers.


APDU Batch mode

It is a very useful toolset for working with smart cards.

It intended for grouping of many APDUs in one command set.


Cards Types support

The card type is a preferences' set which has its own name.

The software loads the cart type preferences' set each time when the card was successfully opened and sets up all card tools automatically according to its type.


COS Commands Templates support

COS Commands Template puts a command name in the correspondence to significance it of a class and an instruction.

You can create your own COS Commands templates according to a card types that you use.


SW Codes Templates support

SW Codes Template puts a text description of a card's answers in the correspondence to significance it of a SW1SW2.

You can create your own SW Codes templates according to a card types that you use.


Smart Card ToolSet PRO v3.5
Solution: Smart Card ToolSet PRO
Version: 3.5 (release 38)
Release date: September 8, 2019
Reader: any of PC/SC compatible
Protocols: T0, T1
OS: MS Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista x32 x64, Windows 7 x32 x64, Windows 10 x32 x64
Language: English
Licensing and software registration

This software is shareware. It means that you can download this software and you can try how it works before purchasing the License. All software tools works normally without registration.

But the unregistered version works only as a demo-version and you can send to a card only 7-10 APDU per each software start.

All functionality limitations will be removed immediately after the software registration by your own Registration Certificate.

For receiving of your own Registration Certificate you need to purchase one of the following licenses:

  • Personal License - personal usage by a single user;
  • Site License - unlimited usage at the single firm;
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We will send you your own Registration Certificate after receiving of your money and after receiving of your License Query during one working day.

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Purchase the License...

Please read more in details about how to register the software using your own Registration Certificate in the program's help system.

Custom versions

You can order the custom version of the Smart Card ToolSet software according to your specific tasks.

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Smart Card ToolSet
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Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!

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